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While the early Bell Radio-TV and Seddon Memorial College transmissions could be received on any UK standard Tv of the time, these sets were rare because few immigrants from the UK brought Tvs with them or had them sent to New Zealand.

In 1957 a number of radio enthusiasts with the skills built their own receivers using specifications circulating in the industry. One popular circuit was the PT Argus Kit (no hardware) which was published in the 1952 February to August issues of Practical Television.

My father built a Tv from this circuit. I went with him to buy a 10inch Cathode Ray Tube (type CV956) from the Army Surplus store in the basement of 2 Nuffield Street, Newmarket.  He wound all the coils himself. The antenna was made from 1/2 inch copper water pipe.

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If you have any photos, printed materials, and other information to add to the history of the Bell Radio-Television Corp. story please help me to expand the content on this website. I have used some photos from other websites in order to make a more complete record.  If I have used any of your copyrighted photos or other material please let me know so I can get clearance and/or include your name.

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