Introduction of the General Brand

In 1962, Bell Radio-Tv entered into an agreement with Yaou Radio Mfg. Co. Ltd. of Japan to assemble several of their 'General' brand radio models.  The General brand was extended across much of the line.

In June 1962 Bell Radio-Tv hosted a dinner in New Zealand attended by three Yaou Radio Mfg. Co. executives for the launch of the General range of products.

Clockwise from front left: Mr Yao (Chairman, General Radio Japan); Mr Kono (Overseas Sales Manager); Mr Terasaki (Sales Manager); ?? (Bell Sales Manager); Axel Wozniac (Bell Purchasing Manager); at rear: Cliff Maxwell (Bell Chief Engineer); Bob McNamara (Chairman, Precision Press Products); Len Stockwell (Production Manager); Cliff Billing (Production Manager, Precision Press); George Whiterod (Bell Company Secretary); Lou Reindler (General Manager. Bell); Al Bell (Chairman, Bell Radio-Tv).

Today Yaou Radio Mfg., Co., Ltd has transformed into Fujitsu General.

They started making Air Conditioning units in the late 60s expanding sales into Asia and changing the company name to General Co. Ltd., which subsequently became Fujitsu General.