Names of some of the employees from the 50s and 60s.  If you are here, please contact me.

Hank Bourman Technician
John Davidson Technician
Wally Hart Technician
A W Edwardes Technician (1950's)
Bert Jellyman Technician
Steve Magen Technician
Len Mitchell Technician
Fred Payot Technician (sacked for rolling the service van)
Trevor Portman Technician
Evan Reece Technician
Bob Roberts Technician
Jack Roper Technician
Fred Webster Technician
Maurice Wilson Technician
Noel Sargon Technician
Frank Travaglia Technician
Gary Anderson Apprentice Technician
Bill Appleton Apprentice Technician
Leo Barns Apprentice Technician
Terence Clendon Apprentice Technician
Arthur Courtney Apprentice Technician
Ron King Apprentice Technician
Errol Maddon Apprentice Technician
Kurt Marquart Apprentice Technician
Rodney Rowe Apprentice Technician
Graham Rust Apprentice Technician
George Trbuhovich Apprentice Technician
Russell Walker Apprentice Technician
Maisy King Mechanical Assembly
Bob Reeves Mechanical Assembly
Eilene Timmons Mechanical Assembly
Julie Laird Coil Winding dept.
Alex Wozniak Purchasing Manager
Noelene Carie Storesperson
Alice Coyle Storesperson
Ron Preston Stores Manager
Al Bell Company Chairman
Lou Reindler General Manager
Len Stockwell Production Manager
Peter Collins No 1 Factory Manager
Stan Wheatley No 2 Factory Manager
Norm Enchmarch Auckland Sales Manager
Bill Warwick Wellington Area Manager
Les Baillie Wellington Representative
Grant Leckie Wellington Service Supervisor
Eric Bryant Christchurch Service
Jim Clark South Island Sales
Harvey Reynolds Auckland sales representative
Charles Sands Auckland Service Supervisor
Alistair McDowell Auckland sales representative
Janet Mumford Auckland sales representative
Bruno Jergens Auckland Service Manager
Fred Node Auckland Screen Printing Manager
Claire O’Shea Office
Quieta Payne Receptionist
Ted Heaphy Despatch
Iris Philips Despatch
Mike Stockwell Draftsman
Roland Ludwig Draftsman - (late 1960s)
Charles Rouse Chief Engineer - Director
Ted Collins Manager Tv Transmissions 1955 - 1959
David Ash Engineer
Ted Bach Engineer
Arthur R (Dick) Chesterman Engineer
Bob Harvey Engineer
Graham Kitchenman Engineer
Cliff Maxwell Engineer - Chief Prod dev.
Dennis W Shefford Engineer - Instrument Service Dept. 1958
Tom Steinkamp Engineer
Harry Tollenar Engineer - Product dev
Harry Wilkinson Engineer
Margaret Pope Wireing Line Foreperson
Meg Cameron Radio Assembler
Margaret Dixon Radio Assembler
Emma Keil Radio Assembler
Irene Reeves Radio Assembler
Gwen Russell Radio Assembler
Phil Samways Car Radio Assembler (was blind)
Dorothy Simpson Radio Assembler
George Thompson Radio Assembler
Millie Timmermans Radio Assembler
Dawn Wilson Radio Assembler
Dick Dolan Cabinet Assembler TV
Olaf Keil Cabinet Assembler
Chum Young TV Serviceman
Ted Larcombe Factory Manager
Doug Scott Foreman
Bob McNamara Precision Press Products Factory Manager
David Bell 1958-1959
John Sivess 1965-1966
Ken Muller 1974-1979
Ross Jamieson 1975-1978
Wayne Frankham 1975-1980
Temaleti Tuakimoana 1975-1980
Tammy Tuakimoana 1975-1980

Lou Reindler
General Manager

Len Stockwell
Production Manager

Alex Wozniak
Purchasing Officer

Bill Warwick
Wellington Area Mgr

Harry Reynolds
Auckland Area Rep

Les Bailie
Wellington Rep

Ron Preston
Head Storeman

George Whiterod
Company Secretary

Cliff Maxwell
Chief Development Eng

Janet Mumford
Head Office PA

Alister McDowell
Auckland Area Rep

Jim Clark
South Island Sales Svr.

Charles Sands
Auckland Service Svr.

Eric Bryant
Christchurch Service Svr.

Grant Leckie
Wellington Service Svr