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News publiations:

  • Behind The Scenes Of A TV Broadcast Otago Daily Times 13 April 1957
    Some idea of the amount of work needed in putting on a television programme was gained by a visit behind the scenes of this week's TV demonstrations held in a city shop by an Auckland radio and television company.
  • Continuing Story of NZ Tv Pioneers Womans Weekly 29 Sept 1958
  • ZL1XQ Remember this call signal? Auckland Star 17 April 1962
    "ZL1XQ" looks like a meaningless jumble of letters. But for a few thousand Aucklanders it is a fond memory - the now-silenced call sign of New Zealand's pioneer television station.
  • Seddon Tec. early on trek Auckland Star 17 April 1962
    Most of the technicians who have kept Channel 2 on the air since its first official broadcast on May 18, 1959, were trained at Seddon Memorial Technical College.
  • Pioneer City Tv Station Has Closed Down NZ Herald April 1962
    The Bell television station, a pioneer in television transmission in New Zealand, closed down last night after more than three years' service.
  • Expansion - it's a byword at BELL. NZ Home Appliance Monthly October 1963
    Twelve thousand square feet of new plant, designed to cope with the increasing demand for TV and radio, was opened in Auckland last month by the Bell Radio-Television Corporation Ltd.
  • Practical Television - Argus home built Tv set from early 1950s.
  • Other stories


There are no signs that Bell advertised before the early 50s despite many other brands being strongly promoted by shops such as Bond and Bond, Wisemans and McCabes. 
Makes such as Skyscraper, HMV, Philips, Ultimate and Columbus were well advertised, particularly battery operated portable radios.


  • Warranty Card
  • Growth The Bell Story - 1948 - 1963 - The expansion, the team.
  • Brochure Introducing General radios 1963
  • Brochure Introducing Bell/General products 1964
  • Brochure Introducing Bell radiograms, Tvs and portable grams.
  • Brochure Introducing Bell radiograms and Tvs. 1967


If you have any photos, printed materials, and other information to add to the history of the Bell Radio-Television Corp. story please help me to expand the content on this website. I have used some photos from other websites in order to make a more complete record.  If I have used any of your copyrighted photos or other material please let me know so I can get clearance and/or include your name..

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